Allergy Easy

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Low  dosage allergy (LDA) treatment is our preferred allergy treatment because it works so quickly. Unfortunately, LDA does not work for everyone. Some people are on medication that interferes with LDA. For these people, we have a second option sublingual (under the tongue) immunotherapy called Allergy Easy.

Allergy Easy is a form of immunotherapy that’s cost-effective and easy to administer. There are no more trips to the doctor’s office for weekly shots. Just a few drops of the Allergy Easy serum under the tongue each day, and your allergy symptoms will start to fade away. It’s that easy.

How to Get Started?

Just call our office for an evaluation appointment. You may need an allergy test, which in our office consists of a simple blood test, if you previously had tests for allergies, we may be able to use those results.

Once it’s determined that desensitization is appropriate for you, you will receive the Allergy Easy de-sensitivity serum. The serum contains extracts of pollens, dust, molds, and pet dander in a saline solution. You start with a very weak serum, and over time, you gradually increase the concentration of the extracts. Your body will gradually tolerate higher concentrations of these extracts, and you will notice fewer allergy symptoms as the concentration of the extracts increases.

Most patients experience relief within the first three months of treatment, but many experience relief within just a few weeks of starting the program.

For more information, click on the link below.
Patient information on Allergy Easy Program (Administration instructions and costs)

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