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We use the Living Matrix System in our practice. The functional medicine approach works by first identifying the root causes of disease and correcting them rather than concentrating on just treating symptoms. The Living Matrix history form is designed to identify underlying imbalances and causes of disease. The Living Matrix incorporates the standardized Institute of Functional Medicine diagnostic tools to build a full picture of your health. That information can then be used to design a comprehensive treatment plan. The Living Matrix tools also will track your progress on this journey.

You first input your medical history in the Living Matrix system, which then organizes the information into a comprehensive report. The system will produce an overall health score and a graphic representation highlighting both strengths and weaknesses.

The online form will take about an hour to complete. The system autosaves your responses so you can complete your profile in steps as time permits. Be sure to watch the training video before starting.

I think you will find that just going to the process will provide you with valuable insights into ways you can improve your health. I look forward to seeing you on your next visit.

Click Here to watch the Living Matrix training video.

To start your journey to better health Click Here

Stephen Smith, M.D

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