Joint Pain

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Enjoy Your Life Without Joint Pain

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We’ve used Prolozone therapy for some time now and had a good response to the treatment. However, we made some changes that give even better results. Before getting into the changes, an explanation of each treatment might help.

Nutritional Therapy!

Patients with joint pain in most cases also have a nutritional deficiency. The main cause of the joint deterioration is usually a lack of adequate nutrition. Therefore, the first step is to provide adequate nutrition, so the joint has all the nutrients required to repair itself.


Prolozone is the injection of ozone into a damaged joint. Inside the joint, the ozone is quickly converted to oxygen and releases energy into the joint. This energy release stimulates the joint to begin the repair process. Prolozone treatment has two parts. The first injection is a local anesthetic accompanied with vitamins and sometimes anti-inflammatories. We leave the needle in place and then attach another syringe containing ozone and inject into the same joint space. Following theprolozone injection, we can then add other therapies such as PRC, AmnioFix, or live stem cells (Flograft).


AmnioFix is an FDA-approved transplant material. AmnioFix comes from the nutrient-rich chorionic layer of the placenta. AmnioFix contains more than 400 different growth factors, which accelerates the rate of repair in the joint. When given alone, AmnioFix takes about three to six months to see results. However, when given in combination with Prolozone, the results come much more quickly.

The placenta used is harvested during a planned C-section. Medical people carefully process screen and treat the material to remove all possible pathogens.

AmnioFix also attracts your stem cells to the area of injury, which aids in joint regeneration. The US Department of Defense and major sports programs use AmnioFix to help speed the repair of injuries.

We see the same results from one Prolozone with AmnioFix as we were with around three or four Prolozone treatments without Amniofix. The result is the cost of AminoFix, which works for about six months, is offset by the savings from fewer Prolozone treatments to achieve the same or a superior result.

Live Stem Cells!

Live pluripotent (not geared to any specific body part) stem cells offer the most potent form of cellular regeneration. Our live stem cells come from processed and cryogenically frozen amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid has approximately 15,000 stem cells per cc as compared to only 1500/cc from fat-derived sources. Amniotic stem cells are also pluripotent, which means they can be used to repair any cell type. Stem cells derived from fat may be partially differentiated, which limits their usefulness.

The main disadvantage of live stem cells is that they have a limited lifespan once they thaw. The doctor must inject them within 10 minutes. Also, the needles used for stem cell injections are a bit larger to prevent the stem cells from damage by the injection.

Amniotic stem cells derived from amniotic fluid collected during a scheduled C-section. There are no ethical issues with amniotic stem cells. There are no blood products in amniotic stems.

Amniotic stem cells can combine with other therapies to provide a very effective joint regeneration system. The other advantage of stem cell therapy is its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. Major professional football teams and the US government use these FDA-approved stem cell transplants to provide state-of-the-art wound and joint regeneration.

Combination Therapy!

What makes our treatment unique is our combination of all these therapies into a potent and synergistic program. Since we started combining these treatments, we’ve noticed a marked acceleration in healing times.
Our recommended treatment package includes:

  1. Stem cell stimulating supplement.(3 month supply)
  2. Ligaplex 2 to support new cartilage growth (1 month supply)
  3. Prolozone therapy to stimulate joint repair. The number of prolozone treatments varies.  Two treatments are included in the package.
  4. AmnioFix – placenta allograft to provide growth factors injected with prolozone or Flograft Stem cells.
  5. PEMF magnetic pulse therapy. –  One year membership.  PEMF is given after each prolozone procedure to further increase the circulation in the joint. PEMF membership is a $2,400 value.
  6. Optional: Flograft amniotic stem cell allograft at additional cost.


Package Cost!

The cost of the treatment package for a knee, hip or shoulder is $3,800 or around $160/month for 24 months with no interest. With optional stem cell package $4,900 or $250/month for 24 months with no interest with Care Credit. (ask about limited time special pricing on Flograft).

Additional Joint adds up to $1,000. Some smaller joints require a smaller dose of AmnioFix and cost less.

Add Flograf amniotic fluid allograft with stem cells is $4,900.

Ala Carte Pricing!

The package pricing may not be the best option for out of town patients, who are unable to take advantage of the PEMF therapy. For those patients purchasing services individually is the better choice. The treatment of a knee with prolozone and AmnioFix is approximate $3,300.


We have Care Credit available for any of our treatments. Care Credit offers the option to spread the cost of these treatments over time. Care Credit offers a revolving credit plan at 14.90 % interest, or we offer up to 24 months with no interest if paid in full within 24 months on our treatment packages.

I am very excited about the results we’re seeing using the combination of AmnioFix and Prolozone. I think it’s currently the state-of-the-art in joint rehabilitation and pain treatments.

Post Op Care

We have found that immobilizing the joint for a week after the procedure greatly increases the effectiveness.  Immobilizing the joint helps keep the AmnioFix or stem cell solution confined to the joint.  For knees, we provide a foam knee immobilizer and recommend using a cane or a walker for that week.  Immobilization is only recommended if we are using stem cells or Amniofix. 

For hips, a wheelchair works, but a walker will suffice.


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