Prolozone, AmnioFix, and Flograft (Stem cells) Instructions

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Prolozone, AmnioFix, and Flograft Instructions.
Prolozone post-op instructions vary with the area treated.  If the treated joint is weight bearing, such as a knee or a hip, you should avoid activities that would tend to traumatize the joints.  Examples of that would be running, ballroom dancing, or using a trampoline.  Normal activities such as walking, bicycling, swimming, yoga, etc. should be fine.  We want to give the joint some time to heal before traumatizing it again.
Back and SI treatments
Prolozone injections are given in the facets, which is where most of the movement occurs.  Facets are where the vertebrae articulate with each other and are the primary source of back pain.
Usually, the response to prolozone treatments in the back and SI joints occur over night.  It may take several treatments to get the inflammation in some vertebrae under control, however, most will respond with the first couple of treatments.  In a back with multiple painful points, some of the points will respond to the first treatment while others may require a second treatment.
You may also notice new points starting to bother you after your main areas of pain improve.  This is generally not new pain, but painful spots that were there all along. The pain from other areas was just more intense, so you just didn’t perceive it until the more troublesome spots were treated.
Typically,  you will get fairly good pain relief for a few weeks after the first treatment. However, you may need another treatment to maintain the pain reduction.
Post Procedural Discomfort
There may be some mild discomfort 3/10 pain with some of these treatments for a few days.  If Amniofix was used then do not use anti-inflammatories as they can interfere with the action of Amniofix. Tylenol and narcotic pain medications are fine.  Usually, the only joint treatment that requires short term pain medication is hip treatments using AmnioFix.  For those, a couple of days of narcotic pain medication is often helpful.
Results of prolozone vary with the severity of the joint injury and the joint.  Weight bearing joints typically require multiple treatments before there is significant pain relief.  If stem cells or AmnioFix is used then the results still take a couple of weeks, but fewer treatments are needed.  For most weight bearing joints 4 to 6 prolozone treatments are required.  If  Amniofix or Stem cells are used with the treatment, then just one treatment is required with a prolozone booster (included in the package)  a few months later.
Inadequate nutrition is the primary cause of joint break down in most patients.  The nutritional needs of the joints are quite specific.  The majority of patients (greater than 90%) require nutritional support for long term results. The other 10% are already taking a good support product.  We have found many patients that have done well initially and then stopped their nutritional support only to have the pain gradually return.  It is easy to forget to take these specialized supplements when the pain is gone but it is important that you continue to do so to prevent recurrence.  You may be able to reduce the initial dose but do not stop taking the supplements altogether.  The maintenance dose will vary somewhat depending on your age, the degree of injury, and body weight.
We use three main supplements to support the cartilage: Arthroben, Ligaplex ll, and Celadrin.
Arthroben (a medical food) which comes in a powder is great if you routinely drink smoothies or if you don’t like taking capsules.
Ligaplex II by Standard Process is the primary supplement we recommend.  The starting dose is 4 capsules per day.  You take them any way you like as long as you get 4 capsules in a day.  The dose can often be reduced to two capsules a day after several months.
Celadrin is an anti-inflammatory oil that feeds and helps lubricate the joints.  The dose is three capsules a day.  I typically recommend taking them all at once.  This supplement works fairly quickly to reduce pain but takes several weeks to reach its full effect.
I recommend taking either Ligaplex ll or Arthroben along with Celadrin for the best results.
Arthroben and Celadrin are available on Fullscript, our online nutritional pharmacy, and
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