Reversing Hepatitis Without Spending $84,000 on Drugs

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Hepatitis B and C are chronic forms of viral hepatitis that cause inflammation of the liver and eventually destroy the liver by fibrosis, which leads to cirrhosis. We’re pleased to offer a new treatment for hepatitis C that not only stops the progression of the disease but also actually reverses the fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver.

The treatment consists of a combination of four nutraceutical supplements that not only reduce inflammation but also regenerate normal liver cells, reversing the hepatitis C-caused fibrosis of the liver. This system not only works for hepatitis C but also for other chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.

This treatment is not a cure for hepatitis C; it doesn’t eliminate the virus. Instead, the treatment provides so much support for the liver that the virus no longer can damage the liver. The liver then starts to repair itself replacing fibrotic areas of the liver with new functioning liver cells. In the video below, we show fibroscans of Todd Schneider, one of the founders of HepTech. These fibroscans show almost complete regression of fibrosis in a severely damaged liver.

In Europe and Canada, there’s a liver scanning device that can measure fibrosis in the liver. This scanner has shown that the hepatitis C-caused fibrosis of the liver reverses with time when using this protocol.

The HepTech medical food protocol offers new promise for the hepatitis C patient. A medical food designation means the company can make medical claims because it has FDA-reviewed studies to support the claims. The medical food designation may mean insurance will eventually cover the protocols.

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