Success Stories

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Patient results using integrative medicine techniques.

Allergy Results

“I have had allergies since I was 15, and this year I turn 59. For years, I would take shots and then I would get lazy and quit. Then, I would have to go in twice a year for cortisone shots, which couldn’t have been good for me, but I needed something in order to breathe to get rest at night.

“Ever since I started with Dr. Smith’s LDA program I’m a new person. I would recommend this program for anyone who suffers from any kind of grass allergies.”
Dave Retter
Windermere Real Estate/Tri-Cities

“I moved to the Tri-Cities with my family a few years ago from South Carolina. When I lived in South Carolina, I very seldom experienced the effects of allergies. My first year in Washington, I was always sick. I hated living here. Itchy, watery eyes, stuffy nose, post-nasal drip, chronic upper respiratory infections, and bronchitis. I was miserable. After one of many visits to Dr. Smith’s office, it was suggested that I have an allergy test. After the test, it showed I was positive for allergies to grasses. I didn’t realize allergies could make you so sick. I was given the (LDA) Low Dose Antigen injection. After a few days, my symptoms disappeared. I couldn’t believe it! I felt great! My daughter also had allergy symptoms and was using an antihistamine every morning for as long as I could remember, so I had her also tested. She was allergic to practically everything, and now she is also allergy symptom free. You know, I think I like living here now.”
Lucille O.

“Just a quick note to say WOW and thank you, I have suffered from allergies for 50+ years, I have been a prisoner in the house during allergy season, no open windows, no lawn mowing, no flowers for my wife. In just a few weeks after the shots, I am 95 percent better.

As a scientific professional, I would not have thought this possible.

Don’t get me wrong, still not mowing the lawn.

Carl B.

Environmental Medicine

“I learned of Dr. Smith a few years ago after moving here from Maine. I had lost hope in traditional medicine and was not even aware there were MDs who also used natural medicine. I have been unhealthy my entire life and became tired of being told I was depressed when I was not. (Finally, in 1994, I was properly diagnosed.)

“When Dr. Smith examined me, I was surprised I did not have to go through the usual superficial examination with that dubious line of questioning. He listened to me and used a technique called kinesiology. Now being a Christian, I was skeptical at first, but his diagnosis was accurate, and his confident concern for my health put me at ease. He also spent a great deal of time explaining things that no other doctor bothered to take time to clarify. He gave me something for my Candida and within days, it cleared up.

“I have advanced liver disease and Dr. Smith has been a godsend for me as I continue to fight a disease that conventional doctors gave a grim prognosis for. I have lived three years beyond my fatal diagnosis. I have to credit Dr. Smith for helping me live an adequate quality of life during this time.

“I have often been a stubborn patient, but he has never been wrong. Even though I spend a great deal of time on research, and pay attention to good health practices, I have learned to trust Dr. Smith as the one who knows what is best for my health.

“I am currently on the mesotherapy and IVs, and they have helped me tremendously. They cleanse the toxins my liver is no longer able to eliminate. With the treatments, my mind is more alert, and many other symptoms have lessened or gone away.

“Granted, the disease is still progressing, but it is so good to know I am getting the best care I could ask for.”
Gail B.

Chemical Sensitivity

“Dr. Smith’s passion for continuing education in the areas of toxic injury and neuro-degenerative diseases is only one of the reasons that he is my number one choice for healthcare. I became severely disabled with toxic injury: MCS more than three years ago due to ongoing pesticide application by a neighboring farmer. I, at one time, was so chemically assaulted that my kidneys bled and dropped pieces of flesh; my liver and organs were so grossly damaged that I swelled up over six sizes; my brain was so damaged that I couldn`t remember simple words, form sentences, or recognize words in print, and I suffered three different kinds of heart attacks, multiple times every week.

“I’ve been thrown out of many other doctors’ offices, screamed at, cursed, and spit on because I wouldn’t take pharmaceuticals that made me sicker or autistic. I’ve been denied access to healthcare because my symptoms and reaction were so unusual. If you have toxic injury, this isn’t unusual for you either, you’ve experienced this, too. But not here.

“Dr. Smith’s care, compassion, and patience, as well as his methods, are restoring my health. He works with me. He respects my opinion. He’s flexible and modifies his treatments to meet my health needs, rather than compressing me into an unfitting mold. Because of him, working with me, rather than on me, I am again…living. My health and energy are returning. My kidneys and liver are healing. My edema is retreating. I no longer have heart attacks. Where pain was unrelenting at eight or nine most days, now the majority of my days are pain-free, and most of those days I have pain are at three or four. I have a way to go yet, but I have hope that I can recover. I am deeply grateful for what Dr. Smith has accomplished with me.”
Jennifer M 10/16/07

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