Chemical Sensitivity

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“Dr. Smith’s passion for continuing education in the areas of toxic injury and neuro-degenerative diseases is only one of the reasons that he is my number one choice for healthcare. I became severely disabled with toxic injury: MCS more than three years ago due to ongoing pesticide application by a neighboring farmer. I, at one time, was so chemically assaulted that my kidneys bled and dropped pieces of flesh; my liver and organs were so grossly damaged that I swelled up over six sizes; my brain was so damaged that I couldn`t remember simple words, form sentences, or recognize words in print, and I suffered three different kinds of heart attacks, multiple times every week.

“I`ve been thrown out of many other doctors` offices, screamed at, cursed, and spit on because I wouldn`t take pharmaceuticals that made me sicker or autistic. I`ve been denied access to healthcare because my symptoms and reaction were so unusual. If you have toxic injury, this isn`t unusual for you either, you`ve experienced this too. But not here.

“Dr. Smith’s care, compassion, and patience, as well as his methods, are restoring my health. He works with me. He respects my opinion. He`s flexible and modifies his treatments to meet my health needs, rather than compressing me into an unfitting mold. Because of him, working with me, rather than on me, I am again…living. My health and energy are returning. My kidneys and liver are healing. My edema is retreating. I no longer have heart attacks. Where pain was unrelenting at eight or nine most days, now the majority of my days are pain-free, and most of those days I have pain are at three or four. I have a way to go yet, but I have hope that I can recover. I am deeply grateful for what Dr. Smith has accomplished with me.”

Jennifer M.

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