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The link you clicked sent a message to our staff, who should be following up with you shortly. We’re not open every day so it may be a day or two before you hear from them.  You can always contact me directly at
We have several ways of helping you.  Most problems can be handled with a phone call from her nursing staff. However, if you need more help or have trouble understanding your treatment plan you can always talk to me via a scheduled phone or Skype consult.   We also have some explainer videos on their website (currently hacked but should be up and running again shortly).
Some tips to help you with your care plan
1.  Write your questions down, that way you don’t forget when you get on the phone.
2.  Keep copies of all your lab tests.  Many patients keep all their records in a three ring binder. This has been incredibly helpful in many cases.
3. Don’t get discouraged if everything doesn’t go perfectly from the beginning. There are often ups and downs in integrative medicine care plan due to the rapid of detoxification, issues with certain supplements, etc. but in almost every case these small issues can be dealt with.
4. Be persistent – if you’ve been sick for a long time not going to get better overnight. Is going to take time for your body to adjust detoxify and for new cells to replace the damaged cells.
5.  If something is not working, tell us about it. Frequently, adjustments need to be made. Remember this is a long term process.

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