Three Keys to Getting Rid of Joint Pain

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Joint pain seems to be one of the inevitable consequences of aging. It doesn’t have to be. The reason joint pain is so common is inadequate nutrition to support the joint. The cartilage in our joints is not static. It is constantly breaking down and rebuilding throughout our lives. However, if there is inadequate nutrition for the rebuilding process the joint will gradually break down. As this process continues over years the joint starts to deteriorate. Eventually, the joint may reach a point where most of the cartilage is gone and the joint needs to be replaced.

However, we have found this progression does not have to be inevitable. There are three keys to joint restoration and two accelerators.

What are these three components?

  • Energy
  • Oxygen
  • Nutrition

Without all three components recovery is lackluster.

  1. Energy is needed to stimulate the healing process. The cells that are responsible for building new cartilage are largely dormant due to not having sufficient nutrition to make cartilage. Supplying energy to the joint stimulates these cells to start working again.
  2. Oxygen helps get this process started.
  3. Very specific nutrition is required to start cartilage production process again.

Our treatments provides all three components. We offer two basic methods for supplying energy: prolozone and PEMF. Both therapies provide large amounts of energy to the joint and can be used separately and together.

Nutrition is the key to both short term and long recovery. We have found that only a few supplements fulfill this requirement.

Put all three elements together and joints heal. The severity of the joint pain does not seem to be an issue. It just takes more time. Take David Becker of Richland’s experience. When David first came into the office he was limping badly and not weight bearing on his left leg. After multiple prolozone treatments David reports in an email.

“Dear Dr. Smith,

This is an update for your records. As you may remember I was having extreme, excruciating knee pain to the point I was going to consult a lawyer to get a disability claim started. I couldn’t even get up from my desk and walk to the printer without severe pain. Every aspect of my life was negatively impacted by the persistent pain and this had been going on for several years. On your recommendation I tried the IV therapy and prolozone therapy. With the first three treatments I noticed a difference; three additional treatments and I was moving without pain, the healing was amazing. That was over two years ago. I continue to be in amazed at the results, my knees are in great shape. I wanted you to know I went on two hikes this past weekend, steep uphill hikes with my wife and dog (great family time). How different from a few years ago when just a walk across my office was a cause of anxiety due to the pain. I can’t thank you enough for the truly life changing treatment.

Thank you,

Dave “

As good as these results are, it gets even better. After David started his treatments we began adding AmnioFix, a placental transplant powder, to our treatment. We have experienced similar results, but with fewer treatments.  AmnioFix powder contains over 400 growth factors, which have greatly enhanced the healing process.

We now recommend adding AmnioFix to the treatment to accelerate the healing, but either way our treatments are working to keep our patients active and pain free.

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